Lofts in the Beach - E02 Central Section

Upper Beaches Lofts 517 Kingston Lofts The Green House Lofts

Most of the loft projects in the Beaches are recently constructed soft loft buildings. The area is beautiful and residential, and very popular with freehold buyers. Although not directly on the subway route and a fair distance from downtown by streetcar, the Beach provides excellent shopping and dining, and unparalleled walking areas. The boardwalk along the lake is always busy with people and dogs walking, running, rollerblading, cycling, playing sports or just relaxing.

The Beaches Park and Kew Gardens are the site of an annual jazz festival.

Woodbine and Main busses and streetcar on Main take the passengers to the Danforth subway line. GO train station is located at Main just north of Gerrard and provides a direct and quick connection to downtown.

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